Targeted therapy

December 15, 2021

Trial Results: The DREAMseq trial provides strong evidence for a new treatment sequence for patients with BRAF-mutated advanced melanoma skin cancer

Dr. Michael Atkins, a medical oncologist who specializes in melanoma, talks about the results of the DREAMseq trial and how the information will hopefully extend life for more patients with advanced melanoma
June 24, 2021

Ongoing Trial: For patients with advanced or rare cancers, NCI-MATCH may offer a treatment option

Each arm of NCI-MATCH—and every patient who participates—provide valuable information on potential cancer treatments.
February 12, 2020

Trial Results: New TAILORx data shows chemotherapy benefit for women at high risk of breast cancer recurrence

The TAILORx trial answers questions about when to use chemotherapy to treat the most common type of breast cancer.
February 9, 2020

Now Enrolling: Trial EA4181 is comparing three different chemotherapy treatments for newly diagnosed mantle cell lymphoma

Right now, researchers do not know the ideal treatment for people with newly diagnosed mantle cell lymphoma.