June 24, 2021
Mary Lou Smith, JD at podium

Advocacy and the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network

Advocates play an important role in each of the NCTN groups, helping to inform the design and implementation of clinical trials
June 24, 2021
Green tea extract pills

Now Enrolling: Clinical trial EA8184 is exploring if green tea extract pills can help reduce the progression of prostate cancer

This study will evaluate the effects and safety of green tea catechins in men on active surveillance for prostate cancer
June 24, 2021
MATCH image

Ongoing Trial: For patients with advanced or rare cancers, NCI-MATCH may offer a treatment option

Each arm of NCI-MATCH—and every patient who participates—provide valuable information on potential cancer treatments.
June 24, 2021
Research dictionary entry

Trial Results: ECOG-ACRIN Research Round-Up – Spring 2021

Summaries of recently reported ECOG-ACRIN research results