Diane Dragaud

January 5, 2023

Trial Results: The TAILORx trial continues to provide reassurance that many women with early breast cancer can safely forego chemotherapy

The TAILORx trial in over 10,000 women with early breast cancer reaches 12 years of recurrence and survival outcomes
January 5, 2023

Trial Results: A recent ECOG-ACRIN study finds excellent results for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Adding immunotherapy to standard chemotherapy keeps most patients in remission and improves their survival
September 26, 2022

Trial Results: ECOG-ACRIN research round-up – Fall 2022

Summaries of recently reported ECOG-ACRIN research results
June 28, 2022

Ongoing Trial: As the TMIST breast cancer screening trial passes the halfway mark, leaders continue efforts to recruit women from diverse backgrounds

Reaching more women in local communities, especially women of color, will ensure that the trial results apply to all women—and move health equity forward