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Dr. Debby Olusa: My tribute to researchers

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An open letter to the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group during breast cancer awareness month

As a seasoned global Educational & Organizational Consultant and International Speaker, I have a passion for advancing International Business Strategy, Economic Development and 21st Century global learning. Additionally, I am a compelling Speaker that draws audiences into an engaging journey steeped in data, unique personal and professional experiences that span the globe. Notably, I am recognized for repeatedly offering “Impactful and Practical” speeches at High-Level United Nations panels on Sub-Sahara Africa and the Breast Cancer Crisis. My speeches provide audiences with actionable steps toward building a thriving economy and providing comprehensive Breast Cancer services using BIG Data.

As widely discussed, African American women have the largest incidence of breast cancer along with the largest death rate. At the same time, African American women are more often to be the sole wage earner in the household. Given this grim reality, the children of African American women with breast cancer are very likely to become the caregiver of their ill parent. Overwhelmingly, the child caregivers for mothers with breast cancer are largely overlooked. I am perpetually plagued by the gap in trauma services that are needed to support child caregivers of breast cancer victims.

Toward this end, I contributed an explicit account of my journey as a breast cancer child caregiver in the Best-Selling book Fearless Visionaries – Volume 2. I shared an especially intriguing tale of discovering at the age of nine years old, my mother is diagnosed with breast cancer and dies two years later. The intimate details of caring for my mother with breast cancer, the family and myself are vividly explored. Further, I share my exceptional determination as a child to provide superb support to family members after the death of my mother and it’s filled with inspiration!

While my personal story as a Breast Cancer Child Caregiver living in poverty has a silver lining, others are not as fortunate. As such, I remain grateful for Cancer Researchers that are unleashing broad-based and innovative breast cancer treatment alternatives that were not available for my mother. Due to your diligence, compassion and unyielding personal commitment to humanity, many women and families will be spared.

Many Thanks to the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Community. Know that you are highly valued and greatly appreciated!

All My Best,

Dr. Debby Olusa
Olusa Associates, LLC
YouTube: Survivor Bestselling Author, Dr. Debby Olusa - #Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil 2 w/Dr Fumi
Facebook: Dr. Debby Olusa
Twitter: @ComOlusa

About Dr. Olusa

Dr. Debby Olusa is a global thought leader, entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling co-author of Fearless Visionaries – Volume 2, breast cancer child caregiver advocate, model, and the founder/chief executive officer of Olusa Associates, LLC. On December 10, 2019, during the 70th International Human Rights Day Conference at The United Nations, Dr. Olusa was recognized as a TOP 100 Human Rights Defender by the International Human Rights Commission for developing a big data in emerging economies model to address the breast cancer crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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